Event Overview

Dear Participants 2021,

Team competition for the Pro Am is "pre-flighted" into 4 separate flights based on the aggregate of team indexes. Each team will only compete against those teams within their respective flight. Each flight will have a specific rotation of courses consisting of 3 morning rounds and 1 afternoon round throughout the 72-hole competition. An optional Player’s Pool is available for Team Competition within individual flights. All professionals will be eligible to compete in a Professional Competition against all other professionals based on a 72-hole aggregate total and Senior Professionals may elect to compete in a Senior Competition. Additionally, Professionals may participate with 1 or more amateurs from their team against others within their flight in an optional Pro / Scratch Competition. Senior Tees are available for eligible amateurs and professionals (see: Event Information for details).
In preparation of each year's Pro Am, our goal is that every Team begins with a chance to win. While the Pro Am has never been about winning and its focus is on value, good friends, good times and a great venue, competitive integrity is a key component to the tournament's success. The Tournament Committee continues to strive in providing competitive equity and ensure value. To fulfill our goal of competitive integrity, we will continue with Markers assigned to leading Teams per flights & the Modified Pyramid Handicap System (see: Event Information for details) to monitor and adjust handicaps round to round. The Tournament Committee will continue to police handicaps (both before and during the event), monitor teams and restrict invitations.
The Puerto Vallarta Pro Am boasts past participation by PGA Tour Players, PGA Tour winners, Past Major champions, club professionals and some of the most prominent and influential amateurs associated with the game of golf. Competitive integrity is crucial as over 80% of our teams return year-after-year as we continue to improve and modify our format making it more enjoyable for all parties involved. International Pro Ams will continue to evolve the event in an effort to provide the best tournament experience year-after-year.



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