Handicap Information

Participant’s indexes will be captured beginning October 15, 2021.  A Tournament Handicap will be assigned, based on individual index and a “blended” Slope Rating, for all tournament Rounds, Furthermore, individual NET performance will be evaluated daily utilizing the Modern Pyramid Handicap System.

Modified Pyramid Handicap System:

The “Modified Pyramid Handicap System” was introduced in attempt to provide a more equitable competition for all participants.

The system adjusts certain handicaps, for that round and all future rounds, as follows:

All adjustment will be effective for the round incurred + all remaining tournament rounds

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to adjust any handicap it deems fitting to insure competitive integrity, both before and during the tournament proper.  These adjustments can be in addition to the "Modern Pyramid Handicap System"  used daily and its decisions are final.


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